May 22, 2011

Sunday Lay Day

Day 3: Sunday
Too day was my lay day I didn't surf. I just took it mellow and hung out. Everyone walked to the cape today its about a 2 mile walk from the resort. Since I didn't surf today I offered to snap some photos for the photographer so her could get a surf in and so he could also have a shot of him surfing here. The cape is super cool you can get 600 yard long rides here. You start way up behind that last pointy rock, and come all the way down past the big rock in the foreground.

Up on the hill is what we are calling the great wall of Peru.

The locals built it for birds to perch on and crap all over. Then they would come and harvest it and use it as fertilizer. Well as all good free things go in life the government found out about it, came in and took over the land and do the same thing now and charge people for it. Tomorrow we are heading south to a new wave suppose to be a little more skaty and punchy.

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