Nov 16, 2011

Parlez vous francais?

Yeah I dont... But that doesn't stop me from LOVING the group YELLE from france and on Monday night they were in town to play a show at The Wiltern. The show was amazing none stop dancing and singing along. Oh wait you ask, I speak French? Nope but I have been listening to this band for 3 years now and can sing along. I have looked up lyrics just so I can kind of know what she is singing about. Now here is the down fall.

1. It turns out you can not bring a camera in that has detachable lens unless you have a press pass. It's totally ok to take photos but not with a camera with a detachable lens. Yeah I said WTF also. The people who run the venue couldn't even give me a good reason why.

2. Turns out the update to my video app that I did last week has a cool new feature it defaults the Mic to OFF. So all my videos have no sound.

Needless to say I was really bummed that I couldn't take good photos since I didn't bring my point and shot and now my videos have no sound. I did take one short clip vid to text to my friend. So here is that and some of the crappy photos also that I took on my phone.

FAME I'm going to Live forever

I'm getting more and more famous. So as you may or may not know I am friends with the lead singer and the drummer of DATAROCK. A few weeks back you may remember a post about a concert in LA. Well the video that they shot on location has come out on youtube and I appear in it a few times in the crowd. Now its not a clear shot of me cause of the effect and the 6 foot tall guy standing next to me but you can still catch a glimpse of my face now and then. But its cool to be in a video of the band that I have been seeing for 5 years now and have become friends with.
Here is a screen grab from the vid.

It was a great night and now I can remember it forever. Here is the video

Nov 7, 2011

Me and My Photography

Oh Halloween weekend my work had it's 12th annual Cosmic Creek Surf Contest. I have been going to it for the last 5 years. Two years ago I decided I wanted to try my hand at shooting the contest instead of surfing in it. I thought I did a great job, then it turned out I did do a great job. Because about 90% of the photos that were posted for some reason looked almost like mine
(as seen below).
Photo posted on surf line 2 years ago
My photo

The other photographer must have been standing right behind me. Well this year I was super amped to get my photos published. I made sure to get to the contest early. Shoot all day and then work all night color correcting and cropping them. But it turned out for the best because they used a lot of them for the write up on surf line. So I'm not saying my photographer career is starting but I am getting more and more into it. Here is the link to SURFLINE so you can see the photos and my amazing name. I will be signing autographs later this week.

Thats my photo on the news feed

On a side note this is the 3rd time my photos have been used. The first was for a poster to promote Billabong Surf With A Pro. And the 2nd time was a stock photo I shoot at a Yelle concert that they used for the all the art work for the Design For Humanity event (seen below).
Photo from Yelle Concert
Event art work
So if you ever need any photos taken don't hesitate to call. Also I shoot video also here is a video form the concert that followed the contest.