May 15, 2011

Land of the Incas

If you didnt know you do now. On friday at one a.m. I flight out to the only country that has everything.
Peru is my next surfing trip location.
I am heading to the worlds longest left hander.
On any given day you can get a ride that will take you a mile down the beach.
But this trip has more then just surfing in store for me. While I am there I will be visiting 2 ancient temples. One being The Temple of the Sun and Moon.
And the second being one of the seven wonders of the world
Machu Picchu.
Besides going for the surfing I am most excited to go here. I will be taking a train to Machu Picchu, here is what my train looks like. The views and the photos are going to be amazing.
Well I dont want to spoil to much of my future blogs but just know this I am amping on this trip and it cant come soon enough.
Check back all next week for daily updates.
I will be back on the 1st

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