May 4, 2011


Where to start 32 years ago I came to this world with one thing on my mind surfing. Ok maybe not but it has been on my mind for the last 24 years. Every year I take off work for my birthday to have some me time. This year just happen to bring perfect beach weather and some ok surf. So with that in your mind can you guess what I did well let me tell you.

My birthday starts at midnight so that's when I started with a free meal from Denny's and then another one when I woke up at 7.

After that it was off to the beach. I surfed for about 2 hours then just hung out at the beach. The weather was about 87 degrees sunny and beautiful. Around noon I got a call from my friend Sarah who want to met for lunch and then go to the beach. Well I'm a sucker for a pretty girl and the beach so it sounded like a perfect combo. Well this turned out to be a bad call. But not a total bad call. I just got really burned and as of today it still kind of hurts (if your counting that is 7 days of pain). After a yummy lunch and some more beach time, I went home and got cleaned for dinner. I had the some of my best friends meet me at Lucille's for some yummy BBQ. After dinner me and Sarah went and saw Water for Elephant (she really had to twist my arm for this one) the sunburn was just setting in and making me really cold. But the movie and the evening with Sarah turned out to be a good one. Here are some photos from the night.

me & sarah
me & poop
kevin, trent, poop, travis, me

On Sat me and the boys went to hit the links over in the LBC it was a really good time. I don't get to play that much so this was a real treat. I wish I could play more I really enjoy golfing. Here is a just a little vid I made of the group that played.

Last thing on the list was dinner with the brother and his wife on Sunday. We headed over to Newport Rib Co. it was yummy and the perfect end to the birthday weekend.

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ashley said...

i dont surf on sunday.
i dont travel on sunday.
i only rest.

....and eat out.