Feb 27, 2011

Board Meeting Weekend

This weekend was as they say on the "Visit California" commercials a board meeting all weekend.

Was on Friday at Big Bear Mountain.
This meeting was the longest of the two. 8 hours with a 30 min lunch, but worth every min. The snow was great, the sun was out and the crowds were no where to be seen. I think the longest chair lift wait I had was 2 mins. I have not been making it to the snow much in the last few years. This was my third trip in two years, with this being the third and first time this season. But just like riding a bike you really don't forget.
After the warm up run to get the muscles awake it was on and popping. I was hitting boxes and jumps all over the place. Went to visit the pipe and as always it was iced over so needless to say didn't spend must time in it. The day was going great no spills then as luck would have it, when your feeling good BAM! you get to cocky and you try a nose press on a down hill box. And slip out, fall off the box and slide about 90 feet on your back, lucky for me it wasn't to bad of a fall.
Here is KT and his wife calls him ready to drop into a about knee deep powder bowl in the trees.
Me at the bottom of the bowl. if you look behind me you can make out the tree run we just did.
You cant have a board meeting without members of the board. KT at the summit with the back bowl in the background.
The day was great maybe I will get one more trip in before the season ends.

The Next days' meetings went just as smooth. This meeting was for testing and review of my new kicks through true field testing.
This meeting took place in Fullerton at what use to be known as the Fullerton Skate Park. Due to the city getting complaints of gangs, drugs and graffiti they chose to put up a fence and close the park.
Did they really think by putting up a fence and a municipal code they could solve this problem. We skated for about 2 hours before the sun went down. Here are some picks of what went down.

Me backside nose grab transfer
Me backside 5.O grind in the mini bowl
Rob tail stale in the mini bowl
Rob fakie disaster
Josh back side K-grind
VP Board Members

Feb 22, 2011

Long Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was a long three and a half day weekend. So here is your recap.
Friday : Halfday at work
At around two got off work and headed home to do some light cleaning. Later that night went out to dinner at Dave and Buster for some chicken and ribs. After this headed over to see
Very funny and let me tell you at 41 Jennifer is still looking amazing.

Saturday : Not really planned
Started out the day thinking about going to a museum. But then some how landed at Denny's for all you can eat pancakes. I put away 6 full size ones in just over an hour. Needless to say this made me sleepy. BUT... I didnt let that stop me. I headed off to to by some concert tickets. Three different shows to be truthful

1) FUN

2) Datarock

3) Hellogoodbye

After this I headed over to my friends hockey game. They were playing in the tournament where if you won you go to play against the Ducks at the pond. Sadly they got beat by some jarheads in the semi's. So with that I had to find something to do for the rest of the night. I decided to do what I love to do most see another movie. This time it was
Once again many laughs. I can thank Ashley for both of these movies because it was the gift card her family gave me that paid for both of them.

Sunday : Yep Sunday

Monday : Surfing and Hiking
I started out the day with what I thought was going to be a quick surf. Forecast didnt have much showing. But when we go to the beach it was a different story it was almost perfect. No wind the sun was out and the waves were in the almost chest high range. It was super peaky with lefts and rights that ran for about 60 yards. We surfed for about three hours I even got a little barrel. Then I didnt feel like surfing any more so I stuck my board in the sand and headed back out for some body surfing. My friends followed and we ended up body surfing for the next hour. After that we went and got some yummy round table pizza. The rest of the guys had to get back to their wife's so I was alone once again. I called up my friend Kevin and told him to get ready I'm on my way to pick you up for an adventure. I picked him up and we headed out to Corona for a hike. I knew of this one place and wanted to check it out. We hiked about 6 miles before the sun started to set so we had to turn back. But we are going to go back and do the whole 10 miles. Here are some photos

After that we just hung out and watched some TV and looked at the photos we took and had some BBQ. All in all it was a great weekend. I need more of these recharge weekends.

Feb 20, 2011

Is This The End

Japan recalls whaling fleet this year from its annual whale hunt for what they call "Research". This is due to the Sea Shepherd constant harassment.
Japan's Agriculture Ministry which runs the whaling program recalled their fleet after they had only caught 170 Minke Whales and 2 Fin Whales. Normally they bring home 850 minke and 50 fin whales. This is the first time that the Sea Shepherd has succeeded in cutting Japan's annual hunt.

Now with that said lets move onto another thing that needs to stop.
There is one movie that everyone should see.
"The Cove"

It's not a new movie but it still needs to be seen. Here is another clip for all you that only do what the movie stars are telling you to do.

This is very powerful and true and because of my love for the sea and its animals I am all about this movie and its cause.
In October I will be going on a trip from Northern Cali to Mexico with a group from
The trip is to help raise awareness about the cause. I will be posting more on that to come . Until then go see the movie if you haven't seen it yet, and donate to the cause if you can.

Feb 17, 2011

Lunch Time Updates

I have started a new lunch past time.
Welcome to the would of Troy bowling.
Me and a few guys from work are going about 2 - 3 times a week. We play 3 games each time and it cost about $4. They guys bowl about 175 better then me, but I'm getting better. So stay posted more to come.

Feb 7, 2011


Most of you know that I recently got a fixie.
Well here is a funny fixie video short from a show I watch.

And the answer is NO I will not be changing my look to match this style