Apr 4, 2012

I Wonder...CON

Thanks to a co-worker I have been getting back into things that I was into as a kid. One of these things are comic conventions. The other weekend I had the privilege of attending a smaller convention called Wonder-Con.
Wonder-Con is normally held in San Fran but this year it was moved to Anaheim due to the fact that the convention center in SF is under construction. Now Wonder-Con is no where near the size of Comic-Con (witch I will blog about in a few months when I attend that). But this one was really fun, it was two and a half days long. Day one was a half day and the main thing this day was the Regular Show Panel. The Regular Show is a cartoon that I enjoy watching and going to this panel was a must. They had all the artist and voice actors at it to talking about up coming episodes and answer questions about past episodes. But the high light of the panel was the sneak peak of an upcoming episode. This episode is made from an old 80's movie called The Wizard. The preview was amazing and I can't wait to see the whole episode.
Here is the Preview.

The Next Day was even more important then the first. Today was the day of the Adventure Time Panel. Adventure Time is another cartoon I watch and have been watching since the pilot. After this panel was over the creator and the the artist and voice actors did a signing. I was planing on trying to meet the creator and this was a perfect way to do it. Now I wanted to meet him for two reason. One he is the creator of a show I really love. And two I have designed a original piece of art that I wanted him to see. So at the signing I pulled out this art I had done and well....got the the reaction I was hope for. His eye lighted up and he loved it. Not only did he love it but the heads of Cartoon Network also loved it. They Loved t so much that they were asking if I could send them the file. I am working on making a deal for the file if they are going to use it in any mass production. Later that day when I was walking the floor right before the show ended for the day I came across the creator again. He was taking over a table in the up and coming artist area know as Artist Alley. He had a some little scraps of paper and was doing little drawings for people. Lets just say this little convention turned out to be well worth it. Here is a photos of the art I made and the art creator made. Along with some other photos from the event

Pen doing my personal art
Me and Pen
Personal art from Pen
My Personal Art I did
Me and Gonzo
Little Kid Cosplaying as Tin Tin