Mar 6, 2012

And I Would Walk 1000 Miles

Over the past few weekend I have been getting back into hiking. I don't really know why but it is nice to get out and just enjoy nature all day. No cell phone service no one bugging you just you and your thoughts.
Last weekend me and a friend of mine hit up Holly Jim for a 10 mile hike. The hike took us to almost the highest point in Orange County. We were about 7 miles shy of that point.
But the view was still amazing. It was a little foggy down along the coast so you couldn't see the ocean but it was still nice.
The were a few of these along the trail that gave it that different feel.
Little Waterfall Along the Trail
This Was My Hiking Party
After we finished we took his monster truck out for a little off-roading. The day was good fun a great work out and really enjoyable. There is even talk of an over-nighter with the boys...that will be a weird one.

Mar 5, 2012

Summer Time In The LBC

A few weeks back I had the privilege to go and photograph the
Grand Opening of a new Skate Park in LBC.
I am always looking for ways to get my name out there and make myself more of an asset in this industry, so when I heard about this event I jumped at the challenge.
I have never really shot skate before... well besides shooting my friends on our back yard ramp and and stuff. But I didnt let that stop me. I have skated long enough to know what to look for and where to stand to get killer shots. The event turned out to be a BIG deal, with tones of people at it. I dropped some names, pulled some string and somehow get myself let in as press.
Tony Hawk was on hand to do the ribbon cutting and say a few words.
But he was not the only one a bunch of other LEGENDS showed even my all time favorite
Geoff Rowley.
The event was a big success and I am looking forward to going back and skating next time. Here are some more shot that I took form the event.
The Legend Daewon himself showed up
Cross Streets
Oh and by the way, after shooting this I am now in the market for a really good fish eye or wide angle. Time to step it up another notch.