Jan 4, 2013

2 Weeks On the NORTH SHORE

This years I was lucky enough to spend two weeks on the North Shore of Hawaii for the Billabong Pipe Masters. But this was no ordinary two weeks in Hawaii, it was the last two weeks of what is called, 6 weeks of the NORTH SHORE. This is when the whole surf industry comes to the North Shore for the Triple Crown of Surfing. This was an amazing trip filled with great surf, great parties and meeting tones of new friends. So here is a recap of my two weeks of North Shore amazement.

This is what I woke up to every morning outside my bedroom window

And this is how I ended every day

This is a list of every person who has ever won the Pipe Masters contest

Got to hang out with this little sweet heart again we meet on a trip to Indo 4 years ago

Opening Day of the event saw no shortage of small waves

The Triple Crown of Surfing Trophy hand crafted 

Oh did i mention I got to not only meet but hang out with the one and only Turtle. He is the most famous Hollywood Surf movie star of them all from the movie North Shore. If you have ever heard me say "No one listens to Troy" I am quoting one of his lines.

Went to a Mauli Ola charity concert with my boys Chevy Metal. This almost turned into a crap show until I rallied the troops and got all the VIP tables moved from up by the stage so people could dance.

Off The Wall is an amazing surf spot right out front of the house. I surfed or body surfed it everyday.

This is by far the best rainbow I have ever seen

Took a afternoon off and went for a hike

Old hawaiian hut in waimea canyon 

All roads lead to some where

This is Blake she is one amazing girl, so stoked to have meet her and added her to my friend list

One of the countless surf photos I took.

One of our team riders was in the race for the World Title. I spent lots of time doing grass root promotions this was for a online contest we were running

This is the trophy that the winner of the world title will get. The surfboard in the back is another prize that the winner of Pipe Masters will get. I am stoked to say that I helped with the design of it. 


These are some more of the grass root stuff I worked on. These were rally signs for people to cheer with when ever Parko was in the water.

Well it turned out for the best because Parko won everything. The World Title and the Pipe Masters

Here is a photo taken at the very start of the celebration party. That ended up going from 4pm to 5am

Here is a photo of the event site that I designed

Another photo of the event site.

I made Surfline once again. This time I was caught in the act of being a hero. A pop up tent was ripped off a 10 ft tall scaffolding due to high trade winds. I just so happen to be right there when it happen and as everyone ran I stayed to catch it so it wouldn't hit anyone

Well needless to say it was an amazing trip and I cant wait to go again.