Jun 14, 2009

The Family

A short little story about my 6 favorite boards that I call family.
Enjoy and lets go SURF!!!

May 23, 2009

The Rules of Clubbing and Parties

The following needs to be said. I only hope it can reach the masses. The 3 main rules...

Rule 1: Only the DJ should be in the booth. NO!! guy should ever want to go hang at the DJ booth and front like he knows what he is doing. Girls you can come visit and give the DJ some love but then move on. The DJs job is to play music. (See Rule 2)

Rule 2: DJs get over this tecno beat crap. If you are a real DJ you should be able to beat match. Stop downloading mixes from limewire and or bear share and clamming them your own. Never play a song that only has 3 words (Your A Jerk... what is that crap about. Rap has gone down hill if you ask me, but thats another subject.)

DJs DO! dig into the crate and pull out the dusty. You are the DJ you need to expand our music taste.

Rule 3: Dancing. God made you what you are so dance your own style. Stop coping the guy next to you or the moves you see on TV. C-walking is played out and don't think just because you speed it up its different, its not. Bring something new to the table. Hell take a lady by the hip and dance with her. You will be amazed how much better it makes dancing. Never and I repeat Never make a circle. Circles are for battling and that it. So unless you can break never get in a circle and never make one.

If you follow this simple rules every party could be great.

Apr 26, 2009

Birthday Golfing

To ring in the big 30 me and my friends went golfing. We played 9 holes at Ironwood off the 605. It was a good time. I came in 11 over par. I need work on my short game. I get on the green in one or two but then cant putt worth crap. This course also has a lot of bunkers, and I spent a lot of time in them. On the 2nd hole I went from one bunkers to another one. But the shot of the day was on the ninth hole. It was 130 yards over a lake. I greened it 10 ft from the pin. It was a good time and we all are going to go again.

Apr 9, 2009

New DATAROCK video from the upcomeing album this video is the shit just like these guys. Cant wait for the 2009 Tour

Apr 5, 2009

A Video From FLOCK YEAH 2

This is a video take from a red light . This is only about half of the people the rest made it through the light. You can see me go by at like 5 seconds. I am in RED behind a dude in brown. See photo.

Flock Yeah 2

Last weekend I went on my first Moped Rally. I have been on moped rides before but this was nothing like that. 300+ people tearing up the streets of LA. On sat the ride was cut short do toy cops. We got wind that they were at the top of our crest ride so we had to cut it short. Some people who like to go ahead and not stay with the group got there bike impounded and ticketed. Here are some photos from saturday of the bikes I found sweet and some photos from the ride.

Feb 13, 2009

BIG Contest

Im enter to win a Barbie Pink moped from 1977. Yes I said PINK dont think just cuse its pink its not freaking sweet. this thing is PIMP. Top mods made to it from the floor up. Wish me luck the drawing is on the 6th of March live on Moped TV. Check the phots

Where Have You Been

Wow last post Nov 6th. Well to say the least not much has happen since then. Christmas was good got some good stuff. New Years well it was New Years. But I'm back now ready to blog and post photos of new and improved Troy. This is going to be a big year turning the BIG 30 this year. Planing some fun trip and moped rides. More concerts as always and cant forget life at the BONG. Im going on my 4th year at Billabong and love it just as much as the first year. Well I dont want to put it all in this one post so look for more.