May 19, 2012

Body Surfing

The world of surfing is not enough for me. I have been opening my eyes to every way possible to enjoy mother ocean. The newest thing I have added or should I say expanded on is Body Surfing. I have enjoyed body surfing since I was a grom. But it is not until I came across this movie 


And just like it says in the first part "It's not about riding the perfect wave, it's just about being out in the ocean and enjoying it." But this video did turn me onto a little thing called hand planes. Hand planes are used in body surfing to help you move up and down the wave just as if you were on a surfboard. So once I found out about these I began looking for where I could get one. Sadly they were way out of my budget for a piece of wood. BUT... the wood was not out of my budget and long story short I went to work researching how to make them and before I knew it I was on my way to owning one. I had such a great time working with my hands and the wood. So much so that I made 5 so all my friends could enjoy this with me. Once I made 5 then out of no where people started asking me where theirs was. So now I have a few more to make but these one are not for free Im going to make some money off these ones. Since finishing this project I have used it twice on nice days out at the wedge. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time body surfing this summer once the Black Ball season starts.
Here is what I will be taking to the beach then.

 Oh and on a side note I documented the whole process on how I did it and my work posted it on the Billabong website. Here is the link Hand Planes