May 24, 2011

New and Old

Day 4:
Day four was spent surfing back in Trujillo at a beach break and hanging out in town. The beach break was fun and as alway no one out. I was the first in the water again only cause I was amped to surf a beach break and go right. Little did I notice that even though this was a beach break it was really a point break and was mainly lefts. The Rights were against the grain and were quick and short one or two pumps then a crack off the top on the section or an air. But none the less still had a great time.

After the surf I went for a walk through town.
Local Church
Tat any one
Cool door
Peru is so artistic I cant stop taking photos. After I was done touring the town I had lunch on the patio of this cool place right on the beach.
Lamb, Egg, Rice, Fries, Bacon and Fried Banana

Next on the list was to try my hand at surfing the "Caballitos" or reed boats. It was way harder then anything I have ever done in my life that I can remember. I have a true respect for the fishermen here who still use these daily.

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Anonymous said...

Cool pics...looks like a good trip so far. Stoked for you!

Big Brother