Mar 21, 2010

Black Star Canyon Waterfall

So last weekend me and some friends from work went on a hike. Now this was not your normal hike. It was to a hidden waterfall. To get to this waterfall takes some work. Lets start at the trail head of the hike. It's nice, you start out with a nice walk down a paved fire road. Soon the road turns to dirt, but is still easy. Along this road you will come across old tractors, wild peacocks, a school bus that went over a cliff, some crazy people who will tell you to get off their land. Thats the first two miles. Now here is where it gets fun. If you dont know where you are going you will walk right past the real trail. It looks more like a run off then a trail. So down you drop down into the riverbed. From here you will be lucky to stay dry and not get poison oak. The trail goes back and forth across the river about a 100 times and some times just disappears in the poison oak. And you have to turn around and find another way until you find the trail again. Sometime you have to climb up these 15 foot tall boulders that have waterfalls also. So after about an hour or so of this and after about a mile that feels like 3 you come to the waterfall and this about waist deep pool. Now this is not your normal waterfall its a double fall and a third fall that comes out of a cave. That is said to be an old mine. Did I mention that this canyon is haunted. Well all in all this canyon and waterfall is beautiful. I would love to tell you all how to get there but I cant you will just have to find it on your own like I did. Its all about the adventure.