May 24, 2011

Mummy Beach

Day 5:
Today we took off to "Witches". Well that was the plan. It was another beach/point break about an hour away. It is also home of the architectural dig site "Huaca Cortada and Huaca Cao Viejo". This place was discovered in 1990 and has been dated to any where between 1 and 600 A.D.. It was kind of crazy to stand there and know that these people had running water and knew how to build stuff this big and more important how to make it last.
This photo is taken from about 6 miles away and you can just see how big these things are. The one in the front is Huaca Cortada. They have not even yet started to unearth this one.

As it turned out the surf was not to good here so we headed about an hour up the beach. We found this sweet little beach break, that at first looked really bad. But we still paddled out and turned out to have a great time. It turned out that we may have been the first people to ever surf here, at least that's what the local told us. So as it goes we had to name it, being that there are two architectural pyramids here one that has not even been unearthed yet we decided to call it MUMMY Beach. I had a really good time and really hope we go back.

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