May 21, 2011

Everyones Burnt

Day 2:
Today was a hard day. I started the day with a wake up call at 9am saying cars leaving. So I grabbed my board my suit and off I went (with out breakfast). We pulled up to Puemape a great left hand point break. It is in a ghost town that was washed out by the ocean. It was about 8 foot kind of fat and no one out.

(Yellow line was my longest left ever photo below is from the ride)

So I don't know how it happen but some how I was the first in the water. Let me tell you about how this went down. So you have to jump off a rock to get in here (or) paddle about 400 yes hundred yard from the beach in the bay around the rocks. Well me being the genius that I am didn't really watch the sets and what I thought was a break in the sets wasn't. So I had a fun time getting out the back. The placed turned out to be fun had a really strong current so you spent most of the time paddling to stay in position. But I will have to say that I did get a good one about 400 years did about 8 turns. This is truly the land of lefts here.

After we surfed we went more north to the town of Pacasmayo to have lunch. The town has a another great surf spot really big with kite surfers. After lunch we were hanging around looking at sites and taking some photos when this little old lady asked us if we could help her move something. We said sure and followed her, as she lead us into a church. Thinking we would have to move some benches or tables turned out to be a 9 foot tall Virgin Mary shrine.

It took 8 of us to carry it out the church down 3 stairs then up four stairs and into the back of a pick up truck. It turned out to be very funny and ended with a round of applause. All we could say was we are going to get great karma from this. As for the title of this post "Everyones Burnt" thats because when we left it looked like rain and no one put on sun screen so we all have red faces now.

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