Nov 6, 2008

I've Seen It All

People of the world today really have the come to the edge and jumped off. I am happy and sad that 8 passed. But what makes more sad is the aftermath of this prop. The No on 8 group is pointing fingers at the mormon church. With clams of busing in people from out of state to hold signs and saying that we were made to vote that way by our church. And that the church donated million upon millions of dollars. These things are untrue and just plan lame. But what makes me really sad is this.


raise on both sides for what...TV spots and Signs to stick in your grass or hold up. Let let me tell you why that makes me sad. Do you know what this money should have been used for. Gee I dont know....Maybe to feed the homeless or poor. Maybe to make sure no homeless person got cold this winter. Maybe to help the 1,000 of people who are losing there jobs everyday. Maybe to fix up the run down areas of this great state of california that we call home. Anything would have been better.
73 Million to make sure that a word on a piece of paper didnt change. Now I may sound like I am for No on 8 but I am not for nor against it. I am for whats best for the world. Clean Air, Safer Schools, Not having to hope my job will still be there in the morning. Freedom of choice, Freedom to vote on what i believe in "no matter if it wins or not". Thats what makes this country great. And if you don't like it. Go back to the other side of the pond and see how you like it over there. (I hear a litter of milk cost like $4. and comes from cows in cages).

73 MILLION+ are you F-ing kidding me. Like 2Pac said "We got money for wars but cant feed the poor" I wonder what he would say if he was still alive.

Oct 30, 2008

5 Friends Now Your Turn

Watch, Post, Pass Along, do what ever you do. Just go vote. On the 4th


Oct 22, 2008


So I came across a color test. I have never taken of these and it was kinda of hard because you really have to think back to what you were like as a kid. It took me about 30 mins to finish the test. Because I really wanted it to be right. Well I finished and when I read that I was a Yellow I was like cool I like the color Yellow. Its a mellow color. Not like mad Red or sad Blue or horny Green hee hee. But then I read on... her is what it said. "Yellow" personalities are motivated by fun, or living in and enjoying the moment. They are spontaneous, charismantic, sociable and forgetful. I love the whole part up to the last word. but lately I have noticed that I have been forgetting little things here and there. Anyway here is the link check it out and ENJOY!

Oct 16, 2008

Surfline and ME

So today I got my 15 mins of fame. I am in a video on Surfline surfing in El Salvador. See photos from the trip below. But CLICK HERE and watch the video. I have a mug shot when we are sitting around the dinner table. Then the surfing comes in around the 1:13 mark and got until 1:17 mark. Im stoked and I hope you are. Its like being on the news or something. Shakas for life on this one. ENJOY!

Mopeds & Rise Against

Here is a new music video from Rise Against. In the video PEDDY CA$H (a moped crew) goes around town placing homemade backpack bomb to bring down a corporate city. If you look close you may notice that it is film in the same city the new Batman was filmed in. I just think its a cool video. I hope you feel the same way. ENJOY!

Oct 7, 2008

Concerts Update

Me having fun with lights

The LA Lights
Datarock at Detour

Shiny Toy Guns at Detour

Buddy Akai at Casbah

The time has come for another concert update. This past weekend was a concert weekend I went to two shows and they both rocked. Lets talk about the first show Datarock and Buddy Akai (first time seeing them) Well this show was down at the Casbah in the greatest city in world San Diego. If you dont know about the Casbah I suggest you find out. It is a sweet little place that has headlined such bands as Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana. It only hold about 120 people and the sound is amazing. Well moving on like I said this was my first time seeing Buddy Akai and they were killer. They have a sweet electrorock sound that has a great beat to dance to. Next was Datarock. And as always they rocked my socks off. The energy in the room was amazing and they just feed off of it. Once again if you dont know about Datarock go find out about them. I have seen them 5 times in one year TWO time in one weekend. So this went down on Friday night. Then on Saturday was the Detour Fest in downtown LA. It show cased about 20 or so bands. I mainly went to see Datarock and Shiny Toy Guns. Side note funny story I have the same outfit that Datarock wears on stage and I chose to wear it to the Fest. Well long story short the whole night people were coming up to me and telling me that I rocked and put on a great show little fact I dont look like anyone in the band. But I played along cause I love the band and have become friends with the guys from seeing them so many times. Well I think thats enough words I let the photos speak for the rest. I would post video but they are all just over the 100 MB limit. Sorry but ENJOY!

Sep 30, 2008


Sugar Ray
Timmy Curren
Warren G
Donny and Friends
Some of my handy work
Pat O gettin a drainer
Rob Cheater 5
Sterling off the top
Grom Push in Waimea Bay Line Up

Well this past weekend I competed in my first ever surf comp. The Cosmic Creek. The Cosmic Creek is a flash back contest where you have to surf on twin fin boards from the 80's and single fin boards from the 70's. You are in 15 min heats up against your peers. The waves were good and the surfing was top notch. Now like is said this is my first ever contest and I was going up against guys who surf in contest all the time. But I enter for fun and to enjoy myself. I found out a lot about myself in this comp. For one I am way out of shape. The heat was only 15 mins. long but like I said this is a flash back contest so (no leashes). Well on my second wave I lost my board and had to swim in and get it and get back out to the line up before my heat was over. And this is when I found out that I am a fatty. It has really made me want to get back in shape. So I didn't advance. But I had a great time and had the biggest smile on my face. I mean hell I went out and surfed against guys who do it for a living. I look forward to trying again next year. Along with the the surf contest was a concert with Donovan and friends and those friends were Sugar Ray, Timmy Curren, and WARREN G. Well take a look at the photos I hope you like. More to come later when my brother finds his camera. ENJOY!

Sep 19, 2008

New Family Member

Today I got my hands on one of AI's (Andy Irons) boards. I was stoked for a few reason. One I had just got rid of two boards yesterday. So the money I made from that paid for this one and then some. But also it's AI board. Now I don't know how many of you out there in blogger world have rode a Pro Surfers board, but they are MAGIC! These boards are hand shaped, none of this machine shaping. So they preform so much better. My new baby has a sweet air brush. She stands 5'8" tall with her waist coming in at 18". I am looking forward to ripping this baby in tomorrow. Attached above are a few photos of the new board and the rest of the new boards from the past month and the rest of the family in their beds. ENJOY!

Sep 15, 2008

Concerts Concerts Concerts

As most of you know I love music. I have always had this love my ipod shows my love by the 14,000+ songs on it. Well over the past year I have fallen in love with going to shows. As you can see by the Bravery photos below. But in the past week I have bought tickets to see four more shows. I am going to see the Detour show, The Ting Tings, The Sounds and Yelle. These shows are all going to be AMZING shows. Three of the bands are from the UK and dont come to the states all that much. This is going to be a real treat for me. I cant wait. ENJOY!

Sep 8, 2008

Just Add Water

Last night I got to go to the Quiksilver premier of their new surf flick Clay Marzo: Just Add Water. The movie is not just your average surf porn movie. It is a movie about this amazing surfer with Asperger's. It's show cause an awareness-raising gilmpse into his life and mind as he comes to understand both the gifts and the challenges of living with Asperger's. It was an amazing thing to see and to get an understanding of it myself. I feel everyone should see this movie surfer or not. It's not everyday a surf movie makes you cry and this movie will make you. Along with this being a great movie in its self a portion of the sales goes to Surfers Healing. Surfers Healing is a great organization that helps kids with autism by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing. So check out the film and the website. ENJOY!

Aug 29, 2008

The Time Has Come

Well I am about to paddle out for my last surf here in El Salvador. It has been fun the people are way cool and surf was for the most part good. I have learned how to make my cutbacks and round houses more powerful and many other helpful surfing tips. I am ready to get back to newps and gouge out the shoulders with what I have learned. It was cool to be able to sit in the line up and see some world class surfing right in front of me and then to be able to ask questions when the pros paddled back out. All in all I would say it was a good trip I didnt even have to use my AK or in this case my sawed off shotgun (see photos) Also I took a panoramic photo of the whole bay from the middle at low tide. It kinda make this place look like a island crazy but. ENJOY!

Aug 25, 2008

Jungle Walk

The surf has kinda backed off a little today its only chest high. But I took the afternoon off to go for a little jungle walk. It was cool. Really green and lots of bugs to check out. Its kinda crazy to really see and ant with a leaf 10 times its size walking across the the path. Kind like the stuff you see on the Discovery channel. Well not to much to say other then that. ENJOY!

Aug 24, 2008

El Salvador The Beginning

Well I made it to El Salvador in one piece. The flight was good kinda bumpy, and when we were coming into land it felt like we were going to drop out of the ski. There were a lot of clouds that day. But anyways we made it and after a two hour car ride we made it to the camp. We hit some traffic (cows). But made it here just in time for some mango pancakes and hit the surf. The surf is good. The wave run forever with out a section. It took me all day to figure out how to surf it with out any sections to hit. But I got it down. The surf is going to get bigger on wed. so I will be stoked for that. The camp here is amazing two pools, A/C in the rooms, and the best view of the break from my bed.  I posted photos of the bay from the point and the view from my room and some of the pool. ENJOY!

Aug 13, 2008

Mopeds On Fox

So I'm just sitting there waiting for Family Guy to start watching a little King of the Hill and what shows up a moped. And not just any moped my moped a red tomos. It was freaking amazing I had to go look it up it was air for the first time back in 1998 the episode was called Three Days in the Kahndo. The store goes something like this Hank, Dale and Kahn head down to Mexico for a nice trip well they get their identification confiscated and they have to pay 10,000 pesos. Well they believe that they will not need them to get back across because they are white. So they put there Asian friend in the trunk and head for the border. But they get scared at the last min and end up trading  their belongings for mopeds and head down the Rio Grande. It was good. ENJOY!

Aug 12, 2008

The End Of An Era

This weekend was a sad sad day in the skate world. HB took the first step in doing what they do best (getting rid of history).  The put up the fence around the school but more important the skatepark. The park was made in 1994 and has many memories for me and many other. I broke my leg there learning how to grid down a rail. I did my first flip trick over the pyramid. I hoped to one day take my kids there and teach them to skate but no longer will this dream have a chance. you can read all about the reasons at The sad thing is that more pro skaters have come out of that park then pro football player have come from HB. I went down today to take part of the flat rail but not to my surprise it was already gone. But I have a clue to who has it. Well another one bites the dust. ENJOY!

Aug 9, 2008

Im Brave

I went down and saw The Bravery on Friday at the Del Mar Race Track. It was a good time. The show was put on by 91X. The show had the same feel as the show in Ventura. Minus the beer, condom and joint being thrown at the the singer oh and we cant for get the the Bouncers. In Ventura you would get thrown out for dancing. But all in all the show was good. Here are some photos and video for all you that missed out. ENJOY!