Oct 24, 2011

Halloween Xmas Lights

I really can't believe this. Some people just have way to much time on there hands. But I just might have to make a trip up to Riverside to se this in person.

Oct 16, 2011

Culture Collide

Concerts Concerts and more Concerts. Last week I went to LA a few times to see some bands and a screening of The Story of Fishbone. This was a giant 4 day Festival that only cost $20 for all 4 days. Anyone who lived in the area and didn't take advantage of this deal missed out. I saw at least 15 band play including but not limited to (CCS, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, Datarock, and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour) and the movie. I mainly went to see my buddy Freddy and Captain from Datarock. This turned out to be a great thing cause I also got to meet Jeremy the lead singer from DEVO. Freddy put me on the list for the after party. It was supper late so I could only stop by for a few mins because I had work in the morning. The shows were great all the bands were amazing as always I have never been to a show I have not liked. Even if I don't know the band I end up liking the music they play. Here are some of the photos from the event.
The Line Up

Me and Liza in-between rocking out

Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah


Datarock and Devo - Doing Computer Camp Love
Freddy, ME, Captain Straight Edge

Disneyland A lot

My annual pass ends on the 5th of November so I have been going a lot these past few weeks. I would have to say this month I have been at least 6 times. I have a grew I go with all the time. We mostly go after work for a few hours. We will ride some rides, get free bread, get some sort of food and dance at Electronica. No matter what we do we always have fun. So here are some photos from the past few trips.

New Poop and TRON toys with punch action

Mickey Gay Day Cookie

Space Mtn. Im not a crook

Space Rangers on duty

Having fun in the lights at Electronica

More Fun

Splash Mtn Glamor photos

And Poop Dancing at Electronica

Transparentsea Voyage

You may or may not remember about this when I mentioned it about a year ago on here. But the time has come. My friend Rasta and his friends have arrived in the states ready to embark on a month long journey down the coast to raise awareness about protecting our ocean marine life. The journey will follow the California Desert Whales as they migrate south. With four key stopping points along the way. I was going to join the crew for the OC leg of the trip but schedule conflict have only let me join at key stopping points now. Here is the link to the website and some photos from the opening event. http://transparentseavoyage.com/

The event van that I designed and installed

On my way to the opening event

Big anchor at the event site

The Harbor at Santa Barbara

Band of Frequencies

Hilton on the look out
More to come on this I have two more events to attend.