Aug 30, 2010

One of the Many Reasons I Love Cali

FHE on the Beach
Tonight I went down the street to meet up with my friend Jefe who is in town from the STL to have a big Family Home Evening at the beach. But we are not your normal family. We dont just have hotdogs. No No we do it right with Tri Tip, Lemon Chicken, Corn, Peppers, Watermelon and SMORES!!! Just one of the perks of Cali and Good friends. I mean it helps when you get guys together who love to cook and love to go outside the norm of your stander FHE
The Grub
Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down
Justin on the 6 String
It's a little warm
Rasta Russ
Jefe and Fam

Aug 24, 2010

South for the Weekend

Last weekend me and some of my boys went south for a long weekend to surf Cabo. We got Great waves 8 to 10ft all weekend and lots for good food! It was the perfect end of summer recharge I needed. But rather then tell you about I am just going to show you. I took over 150 photos but here are some of the best.
My Ride
Sea of Cortez & 1000's of miles of desert
The H3 that got us to the great surf
Cross roads
The House
Outside inside Cold Whirl Pool
The Inside part if you want to go outside
just swim under the wall
Natural Air Freshers all over the house
Cactus and Moon
More flowers
Getting Artsy
La Vaca
9 Palms no one out
Break from the sun
Taking a dip
Day 3
Dancing and Drinks
Fully Recharged

Aug 17, 2010

Rise Above Plastics

Can you tell the difference between these two photos?

Well if you can you are smarter then this little guy.
Turtles eat Jellyfish, Not Plastic Bags! They cant break them down and end up suffocating.
Plastic Bags Kill Turtles!

70,000 plastic bags were picked up off california beaches by volunteers in ONE day. And even more are accumulating in our oceans. Plastic ocean litter is one of the deadliest threats to our marine life, who mistake it for food and or become entangled in it.

But now YOU can help!

By supporting the California bill to Ban the Bag. The California Assembly has passed the bill and the Governor has pledged support. But now we just need the Senate to push it through! So tell your Senator how you feel (click here). And Help save my playground and others home.

Every time you are asked paper or plastic say paper. Or as I say go paper save a turtle. Even better bring your own bag with you. If you go to the mall to buy a tee just take it as is no need for a big bag for one tee or dress. Do you part today to save the ocean for tomorrow

Aug 16, 2010

Careful what you post

This video hit the web a few days ago and since then it has cause a lot of drama. The video was made by an amazing guy Sterling Spencer. He is a billabong rider and is one of the funniest guys I know. The video posted was an over-dubbed video of Jeremy Flores interaction with a younger fan at this years J-Bay. The clip has been viewed over 11,000 times. I guess when Jeremy saw it he was pissed and get this didnt call Sterling but posted something on his facebook (another reason facebook is lame). And I guess it didnt stop there the frenchie are posting on Sterling's site that he better not come to France any time soon. People its a joke get over it remember NO Publicity is Bad Publicity.

Jeremy Flores Loves Children

Aug 15, 2010

San Diego to Orange County

This weekend was jam packed once again. With everything from Art to the Fair. The weekend started with going to the mass public Transworld screening of HIGH-5 at the famous LIDO theater in Newport. I got to hang out with my friend Justin Cote again and helped him throw product out to all the groms in the crowd who where frothing at the mouth for a chance at winning a surfboard from the film. Once that was done head to the balcony to enjoy the film one more time but this time on the big screen.

Next on the agenda was to head down to San Diego for ASR (Action Sports Retail) trade show. I started the day with a surf at Wind and Sea. One of my all time favorite places to surf when I am in SD. The surf was small so I didnt stay out for long. After the surf I headed over to my friends house to get cleaned up for the show. Once I was at the show it was time to network. I think I gave out at least 30 biz cards. While I was at the show I got to take in some sweet art and watch a little skate jam put on by Volcom. After the show it was off to the Siren Lounge for the VICE Magazine After Pool Party.

Finally was the OC Fair. It was the second to last day of the Fair. So me and a few friends made the most of it. We started with eating almost everything fried you could find and some yummy BBQ. After that we took in some shows. Saw some people act like fool while under the control of a hypnotist. Then watch some crazy mexican wrestling done by the Lucha Libre. After that we just walked around and just enjoyed the people watching.

Another weekend down. I need a mellow weekend BUT, next weekend is Cabo.