Mar 26, 2011

Silky Smooth

Its that time again.
The time when I can't stand my hair.
The time when I have to decide to let it keep growing or cut it.
Well I have been letting it grow for almost 6 months. So I decided to get it cut. And this time I decided to try a new place. Welcome to Molly Moon Salon
Now I chose this place because of a special friend who styles hair here, Rachel Williford. I showed up after a morning surf with sand still between my toes and salt in my hair. But that didn't stop Rachel, she took me right back and gave me a wash. I want to add this is my favorite part of getting my hair cut. There is just something about the felling of a beautiful women washing your hair. Maybe its the hot water, their nails scratching your head, the massage they give your big head who knows all I know is I like it. After the wash we headed back to her station, she asked me what I wanted her to do. I said I don't care your the stylist not me and I wouldn't want someone telling me how to do my job. I just said make me look good. I think she did a great job and I now have a new stylist to go to. So what do you think?
FYI if you are looking for a stylist go see Rachel here is the number to the salon 562.439.7706

Mar 25, 2011

OH Lunch

Have I ever told you how much I love

Well besides Italian, it's my number one favorite food.
And for lunch today I rounded up a few of the boys and headed over to the TEXAS BBQ PIT. Now this is not your normal BBQ Pit. Yes you can get a pulled pork sandwich or a small order of ribs. But why tease yourself, if you are going to get BBQ then get BBQ. And no one does it better then TEXAS. So me and boys got what they call the Round Up.

Behold the Round Up
Now this is not all of it, I had to take this pick before the boys dug in. What Is missing from this pic is 8 pieces of corn bread and a basket of fries. What is in the pic is a half of pound of cold slaw, half a pound baked beans, a whole chicken, a pound of pork spare ribs and a half a pound of hot link sausage. It feed us and we still had a doggy bag to bring back for a afternoon snack.
MAN I LOVE BBQ. How about you?

Mar 16, 2011

Information And Rock and Roll

My friends from Norway are back in town. Maybe you have heard of them DATAROCK.
They are a amazing, crazy, Dance-Rock band. I met the lead signer and the drummer a few years back at an after party for Shiny Toy Guns and we have been friends ever since.
Well Monday night they were playing a little venue in Costa Mesa call
Detroit Bar.
The show was at 9 but I headed over after work to see if I could find the guys at maybe a sound check. Well I didnt find them at sound check but I find them in the parking lot. They were just heading to dinner and asked if I wanted to join. So during dinner
Freddy (the lead singer)
asked me where my T-shirt was. This is because every time I have sen these guy (about 10 times) I have made a custom tee for him. I didnt have that for him but I did have a CD loaded with all the photos and videos I have take from all there OC/LA shows. Also on this CD was a bunch of ringtones I had made from there hit songs. He was super stoked, I had one of the ring tones loaded on my phone and played it for him. Freddy then told me that was the opening song and asked if I wanted to sing the hook for it. I told him sure and the rest is history. Ended up hanging out with the guys up until show time, then again after the show until about 2 am. My the life of the Rock Star is ruff.
Drummer Captain Straight Edge
Well anyways thats my Monday night how about yours.

Oh one more thing these guy always close the show the same way. They do one last song that no matter if you are a fan or not you will know and want to sing along. Enjoy the video