May 20, 2011

A Long Day

To was a very long day.
But I have made it safe and sound to my bed. Let me give you the run down of how the day went.
Departed for LAX at 9:30 pm. Still not sure why I did this. I have been on 3 international trips and I am 3 for 3 with checking in and getting through security with in 30 min. not 2 hours like they say you need. Since Check in went so fast I decided to leave the airport and walk and get some food and kill some time. When I got to the X-ray machine I was the second person in line to get one of these full body scans. But nope lucked out of that also and only had to do the walk through one.

1:30 am plane leaves LA headed for my first stop in El Salvador. Things went good, got some sleep until the sun came up. The guy across from me didnt put down the shade only until after I got up, got my carry one and put on my sunglasses. After that it was back to sleep. In El Salvador I changed planes and was off to Lima, Peru. Now here is where things get fun. Once I land in Peru I have a 9 hour lay over in Lima before getting my last flight up north. So I have time to walk around and see some stuff. Originally I was going to try to get picked up by a friend and get out and see the city, but our schedules didnt work out. So when I was just sitting around in the food court area, an older man approached me and ask where I was heading or coming from. He ended up being from Canada and has always wanted to try surfing. After talking to him for about 30 mins. I found out he had just came from Machu Picchu and he was so nice and gave me a bus pass that he had not used that will end up saving me thirty dollars.

Next I saw another loan surfer by himself so I walked over and asked if he wanted someone to talk to. He turned out to be from Brazil and had been in Peru for 20 days already. He was on his way home. He didnt speak that good of english and I dont speak a word of Portuguese. But we did both speak surfer. We sat and talked for 3 hours about surf spots and waves and where we had been. We traded info and if I am ever in Brazil I now have a floor to sleep on.

Finally came the time to check in for the last leg of my trip. When I got to the gate they informed me that they dont take surfboards on there planes. I asked why not you had brought it this far. They were nice and booked me on another flight and up graded me to business class. After a quick flight up north it was into a van for an hour drive to the resort. And now its off to bed to be rested for the first day of surfing. Swell is solid 6 foot. Here are some photos of my room.

Stay posted for more as the trip rolls on.

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ashley said...

glad you got there safe!