May 28, 2011

Last Night In Chicama

Day 8:
Today was the last day at the surf resort. I am a little sad to go only because surfline is saying the swell that is showing up late saturday is going to be the biggest Chicama has seen in 3 years. But none the less I am still stoked because I am on my way to Cuzco for 2 day well 2 and half if you count the day I go home. But back to Chicama being it was the last day I had to surf as much as I could. The day started out with a quick drive to Puemape.

(Me, Pete and Forest in the van on the way to Puemape)
(Waiting to see if Puemape is going to be any good.)

Its the same place we surf the first day I got here. It should have been bigger but the tide was super high here so I was a very long wait between sets. So we quick jumped back in the car and raced back to Chicama.

(Board in the car on the way back to the hotel. You travel the Pan every time we go check a new place.
This road runs from Mexico all the way to Chile)

As luck would have it when you in a hurry you will get pulled over by the cops. Now let me explain how this happened. We were not speeding or doing anything bad. What we had going against us was the 12 surfboards on top of the car when the police see that they see MONEY. So they pulled us over gave us crap said we had too much stuff on top of the car that people were not wearing their seat belts. They were going to give us a ticket unless we paid them $300 Solas ($110 US) This really pissed off the camp director he said no you take us to jail then. That made the cop change his amount to only $40 Solas ($14 US) just enough for him to get lunch as it was around that time. Anyways we made it back to the resort with lots of time we had a quick lunch poolside then headed out for what would be my last session. It was about head high on the sets. On my second to last wave I scored the bomb out the back and got a little barrel I was amped.

The night ended early with a great dinner and a slide show of photos from the whole week.

This trip has been amazing so far I cant wait for the next leg in Cuzco.

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