Dec 4, 2012

Too Much Fun Not Enough Time

To Post That Is!
There is always time for fun in my book. So once again I have neglected my blog. I have given major thought to start a tumblr since I mainly just want to share my photos with you. Maybe that will be my New Years thing who knows. So lets call this post the...
My summer was amazing maybe the best one I have had in a long long time. I did so much and built so really good new friendships. The summer consisted of a lot of concerts, a lot of beach time and some travel. So lets see what you have missed.

Cosmic Creek Surf Contest and Concert with Donny
This a yearly event that Billabong host. I have been in charge of the art work for this event the past 6 years. I always look forward to this every summer.

Chevy Metal benefit concert for Mauli Ola Foundation.

Chevy Metal is a side project from a few of the members of FOO FIGHTERS. I have seen these guys 3 times now and cant wait to see them again. They cover classic rock songs and kill it every time.

KISS and Motley Crue Concert

This was a last minute concert that I decided to go to with some co workers. We bought lawn tickets and then worked our way down to better seats. It was good see KISS again. I wish I could say the same for the Crue.

Disneyland Early Entry

Me and a few of my friends got to go preview Carlands before it open one day. All I have to say is I am glade I didnt wait in any long lines for this park. The best part was hanging with my friends

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean with a live orchestra playing all the music
This was sweet I would have liked to see the movie on a bigger screen

Back Stage at Janes Addiction concert

Went to Dohney Days a concert at the beach in Dana Point. My friends from Chevy Metal were there and got me ALL ACCESS. It was amazing and couldnt believe the stars I was rubbing elbows with.

Orange County Fair

Horse Races and Ben Harper Concert

Countless Movies with friends
Midnight Showing of Batman

Took a Camping / Shooting Trip with some friends
First shot ever and she gets a bulls eye no lie

Yeah we went a little to big...

Great trip great friends

Halloween Pumpkin carving
Everyone thought mine was the Jack one. Nope front and center is mine nice and small and simple.

Countless Sunsets

Well that was most of my summer and then some. I will try to keep this up to date next year.

Jul 30, 2012

Design For Humanity

Every year Billabong puts on this charity event to benefit different charities each year. This year it was The Cultivate Foundation. That is all about famers and getting the USA of processed food. The event was major fun. I got to work my photo skills again and shot the event along with a bunch of other photographers. But I had something they didn't have...ALL ACCESS. I got to go where ever I wanted. The night was long even when the event ended it didn't stop. The party then spilled over to the W hotel where most of the VIPs and Billabong Staff was staying. The night started off with great DJ's getting everyone excited to see some live music. They were followed by the first band

Followed by WALK THE MOON

Next Was the Fashion Show. Where they showcased the Spring 2013 swim line

After that was THE LUMINEERS. I was un able to get any photos of them due to I was pulled to VIP to shoot some photos of famous people. Sean White, Miss Cali, Glee Cast you know people like them.

Last but certainly not least was THE JOY FORMIDABLE

This event is all was a must and blows every other industry event out of the water. US Open Of Surfing has nothing on this event. Here is a little recap video of the night.

2012 Billabong Design For Humanity fashion, music, art event from Billabong Girls on Vimeo.

Jul 29, 2012


So being the great brother and son that I am. I made the choice to pay to fly my mom, sister and her little girl come out from North Carolina and spend two great weeks here on the west coast. It was filled with fun and good times. We went to Disneyland, Sea World, Rented a Duffy Boat and Had good food. I got some great shots from the two weeks here are the top ones.

Jul 28, 2012

The Missing Stuff

I have not been keeping up on my blog so this is just a recap of everything I have missed to bring you all up to speed.

My Birthday:
Benihana Free Birthday Lunch

Disneyland Birthday Trip

Took m good friend Chad to Universal Studios with my free Birthday Ticket

Stayed at the Disneyland Hotel for FREE! 

Went Bowling

Stanley Cup Finals:

Amazing Seats thanks to a vender

Work / Surf Trip up to Santa Cruz:

Surfed the Lane

Sweet Hike to a Water Hole:

Won a contest on Instagram with this photo:

Went to a Private Event at Disneyland:

 Was in my friends wedding:

 Took My friend Sandy to an Angels Game for her Birthday:

Made fun of Hurley's newest AD campaign but no one got it:

Rode the new Matterhorn (and was super disappointed): 

Went to Scout Camp for a day to help out: 

Another VIP event with my bud Donny:

 Billabong Art Room Angels Game:

Rode in a Bike Race:

I think that brings us up to date. It has been a fun summer and its not done yet.