Apr 24, 2011

Fun with FUN

On Thursday night I went to go see FUN at The Glass House.
Fun is an American indie pop band from NYC. It's kind of funny when you tell people you are going to see fun. They are like what? It reminds me of this clip from Wayne's World where they are talking to the door man about band names.

So with that let me just tell you that if your not having fun at FUN then you doing something wrong. Here are a few videos I took from the night along with a few pics.

Apr 17, 2011

Look WHOO Is Turning TWO

Yesterday was a perfect day for a birthday party. The sun was out and the weather was perfect. My god niece Evie was having her second birthday at the park. I have to say I love going to kids birthday parties cause they are so much fun, and this one was no different. Here are some of the photos that I snagged from the fun.
Yummy treats to hold you over until cake
Birthday girl making an owl mask
Owl cookies for everyone
Goodie bags for the kids
Birthday girl with a pinwheel
Blowing out the candles
Opening the gifts
My gift to the birthday girl missing from photo is 3 counting books

(Side note on this. I had to pay full retail on this gift because for some reason Billabong isn't a part of the 2 million dollar industry of toddler girls. We make toddler boys but not girls. And let me say WOW after not buying anything retail for 5 solid years it was a shock.)

Apr 13, 2011

Boring Baseball

This was going to be a post about going to the Angels game that I went to on Monday. But then I noticed that I had nothing to write about. I took 7 of my friends to the game thanks to Billabong. But we missed the first inning where the first 4 runs were scored. Oh did I mention that the game ended with a score of 4-0. Yeah like I said nothing really to post about.
Then I took a look at this...
This photo was taken with my iPhone, from over 400 feet away. Now on my phone it doesn't really look all that great. BUT once I uploaded it I notice that it had a lot more detail then looked. I mean its not great detail but it is an iPhone. Once again I was amazed.

Apr 9, 2011

East Coast Living

This morning I woke up saw that the wind had died and it looked like it was going to be a nice day. So I call the local surf report. The first thing the report said was we have some snow on the beach...yes snow. Do I live on the east coast, I hung up called again, same thing. I had to see this for myself. So I quick put a few boards in my car grabbed my wettie and hurried down to the beach. Not just for the snow but because the report also said it was smooth and 4 to 5 ft with 6 foot sets. Well sure enough there was what looked like snow on the ground and the beach. But it turned out to just be a lot of hail. I guess Newport had a hugh hail storm last night. This was even more crazy because I live like 2 blocks from Newport and we didnt even get a drop of rain. So any ways here is what it looked like.
Almost dry a block from my house
Not the same story in Newport
Very wet and snow/hail piles every where

Some guy asked me to pose for a photo with my surfboard in a pile of hail. He then told me he worked for the daily pilot and was going to use them for his artical if I didnt mind. Told him no worries and head off to a pretty good surf. Even found myself two little barrels. Even with the 54 degree water it turned out to a good day.

Long Lost friend

Friday night I got to meet up and have dinner with a old friend of mine.
Jessica and I met on a coed soccer team about 10 years ago and have been friends ever since. She moved to San Fran a few years back and is now moving to Puerto Rico in a few weeks. She is in town as her parents for a week or so to pack things up before the move. And since we have not see each other in so long we decided to have dinner together. It was just like old times, we laugh told stories talked about our life's. It was a great night and good times. She will be missed until she moves back or I go visit.

Apr 7, 2011

Fight For Your Right


Apr 6, 2011

Movie Permiere

Last night I got to go to the movie premiere of

Soul Surfer

When I first saw this trailer a month ago I was like oh no another bad Hollywood surf movie on the way. But you know what, this one is kind of good. It may have to do with that it is based on true events and real people. And it may even have to do that its based on people I know. But long story short if you can I would say go see this movie. It may be getting some bad reviews but coming from someone who knows a bad surf movie when I see one this movie is a B B+.

P.S. You may even cry

Lyrically Talib Kweli

Monday Night I took my friend Rachel to see one of the best rappers out there.
Mr Talib Kweli
Talib can spit rhymes better then the best of them. If you have never heard of him you should check him out. Talib is also the one of the two rappers in the hip hop group Blackstar who are also amazing. Most recently Talib was respected by Jay-Z in is song " Moment of Clarity" off the Black Album. Where he says if skills could be bought he would be as good at Talib. Along with Talib we also got introduced to some new artist. Cadillac Stretch and Aliso Black who I want to add came from Kentucky and with him brought some fried popcorn chicken to share with the crowd. It was a good time and I am looking forward to going to more shows with Rachel. Now go check out these artist.

Side Work At Work For Work

Over the last few days I have been doing a little side work. Now this may sound funny but it is really simple. Last year we did a co-op boardshort with METALLICA. Then Metallica went on a surf trip with with one of our photographers that we have on staff. Then it comes to me, the photos are back and the band would like them printed out for their houses. So first thing was to figure out the sizes the band would want. Well only one way to do that meet the band and go over what I have laid out for them. After its all said and done I have a total of 21 canvas and 10 framed prints to size up and get made. Now here comes the fun, the frame prints are fast and I send them out for framing. Now the canvas not that easy, its going to cost a little too much to send out so guess who gets to wrap the 21 canvas. You guessed it me! After talking to a few people it was agreed that in return I would get a signed print from the band and tickets to there next show witch is this month and tickets are going for around $100 a pop. So that is where I get the side work at work from.