Jun 18, 2012

Photo Credit: T.SMITS

So for christmas this year I got myself a nice SLR camera. Well let me tell you it has opened doors for me. I have been taking pictures my whole life but never like this. I have been mainly shooting my friends at Disneyland and fun stuff like that. But lately I have also got some good gigs from it. About a month back I got the pleasure of shooting a Billabong event at Greg Noll's Surf Shop. It was a great night lots of people and of course Greg Noll. But the BIG shooting gig was shooting the Billabong XXL Awards. Now this was big time I had a press pass and was rubbing elbows with Movie, TV and Surf Stars. But the big thrill was when I spent the end of the night with the band Chevy Metal. But you may know some of them from the band Foo Fighters. It was crazy to be hanging back stage not just as a photographer but as one of the crew. The night was none stop fun and just amazing. I can't even begging to explain how great of a time I had. Looking forward to shooting more and more events. Here are some of the better shots from the two events.

I took this painting home with me at the end of the night it an original 1 of 2 Greg owns the other one

Greg Noll and Greg Long Old School and New School

Me and Dave

A Night with Coldplay at the Bowl

Now the joke goes...
"You know how I know your gay? Because you listen to Coldplay"
But let me tell you something these guy can really put on a show. And I was lucky enough to get to go thanks to my great friend Bayleigh. I wouldn't even call myself a Coldplay fan. But I am not one to turn down a concert, definitely not one at the Hollywood Bowl.
So when the night of the concert came I headed over to her house where we then went to meet up with some of her friends. On the way to the show everyone was talking about their favorite Coldplay songs and all I could say is I don't even think I can name two songs they sing.
Well needless to say I was wrong I knew a few more then two songs. The night was amazing and the show is up there in the top best shows I have ever been to.

 For the first encore the band emerged in the middle of the crowd.
And via spot light played a few songs.
I would have to say one of the coolest part about the show was how everyone was a part of. This was because as you walk in they give these bracelets that light up during certain parts of the show. It was a sight to be seen.