Aug 13, 2008

Mopeds On Fox

So I'm just sitting there waiting for Family Guy to start watching a little King of the Hill and what shows up a moped. And not just any moped my moped a red tomos. It was freaking amazing I had to go look it up it was air for the first time back in 1998 the episode was called Three Days in the Kahndo. The store goes something like this Hank, Dale and Kahn head down to Mexico for a nice trip well they get their identification confiscated and they have to pay 10,000 pesos. Well they believe that they will not need them to get back across because they are white. So they put there Asian friend in the trunk and head for the border. But they get scared at the last min and end up trading  their belongings for mopeds and head down the Rio Grande. It was good. ENJOY!

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