Nov 6, 2008

I've Seen It All

People of the world today really have the come to the edge and jumped off. I am happy and sad that 8 passed. But what makes more sad is the aftermath of this prop. The No on 8 group is pointing fingers at the mormon church. With clams of busing in people from out of state to hold signs and saying that we were made to vote that way by our church. And that the church donated million upon millions of dollars. These things are untrue and just plan lame. But what makes me really sad is this.


raise on both sides for what...TV spots and Signs to stick in your grass or hold up. Let let me tell you why that makes me sad. Do you know what this money should have been used for. Gee I dont know....Maybe to feed the homeless or poor. Maybe to make sure no homeless person got cold this winter. Maybe to help the 1,000 of people who are losing there jobs everyday. Maybe to fix up the run down areas of this great state of california that we call home. Anything would have been better.
73 Million to make sure that a word on a piece of paper didnt change. Now I may sound like I am for No on 8 but I am not for nor against it. I am for whats best for the world. Clean Air, Safer Schools, Not having to hope my job will still be there in the morning. Freedom of choice, Freedom to vote on what i believe in "no matter if it wins or not". Thats what makes this country great. And if you don't like it. Go back to the other side of the pond and see how you like it over there. (I hear a litter of milk cost like $4. and comes from cows in cages).

73 MILLION+ are you F-ing kidding me. Like 2Pac said "We got money for wars but cant feed the poor" I wonder what he would say if he was still alive.

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Elise said...

I agree with you. This has been a tough issue for me too. The money definitely could have been well spent somewhere else. I figured the aftermath would be bad.