Sep 30, 2008


Sugar Ray
Timmy Curren
Warren G
Donny and Friends
Some of my handy work
Pat O gettin a drainer
Rob Cheater 5
Sterling off the top
Grom Push in Waimea Bay Line Up

Well this past weekend I competed in my first ever surf comp. The Cosmic Creek. The Cosmic Creek is a flash back contest where you have to surf on twin fin boards from the 80's and single fin boards from the 70's. You are in 15 min heats up against your peers. The waves were good and the surfing was top notch. Now like is said this is my first ever contest and I was going up against guys who surf in contest all the time. But I enter for fun and to enjoy myself. I found out a lot about myself in this comp. For one I am way out of shape. The heat was only 15 mins. long but like I said this is a flash back contest so (no leashes). Well on my second wave I lost my board and had to swim in and get it and get back out to the line up before my heat was over. And this is when I found out that I am a fatty. It has really made me want to get back in shape. So I didn't advance. But I had a great time and had the biggest smile on my face. I mean hell I went out and surfed against guys who do it for a living. I look forward to trying again next year. Along with the the surf contest was a concert with Donovan and friends and those friends were Sugar Ray, Timmy Curren, and WARREN G. Well take a look at the photos I hope you like. More to come later when my brother finds his camera. ENJOY!

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Elise said...

How fun! Congrats on your first contest! Looks like it was a great time! Where was it?