Aug 12, 2008

The End Of An Era

This weekend was a sad sad day in the skate world. HB took the first step in doing what they do best (getting rid of history).  The put up the fence around the school but more important the skatepark. The park was made in 1994 and has many memories for me and many other. I broke my leg there learning how to grid down a rail. I did my first flip trick over the pyramid. I hoped to one day take my kids there and teach them to skate but no longer will this dream have a chance. you can read all about the reasons at The sad thing is that more pro skaters have come out of that park then pro football player have come from HB. I went down today to take part of the flat rail but not to my surprise it was already gone. But I have a clue to who has it. Well another one bites the dust. ENJOY!


Elise said...

A Travesty!

The Watts said...

Good times looking back. All things change over time. Sad to see it go without one last ride...