Aug 24, 2008

El Salvador The Beginning

Well I made it to El Salvador in one piece. The flight was good kinda bumpy, and when we were coming into land it felt like we were going to drop out of the ski. There were a lot of clouds that day. But anyways we made it and after a two hour car ride we made it to the camp. We hit some traffic (cows). But made it here just in time for some mango pancakes and hit the surf. The surf is good. The wave run forever with out a section. It took me all day to figure out how to surf it with out any sections to hit. But I got it down. The surf is going to get bigger on wed. so I will be stoked for that. The camp here is amazing two pools, A/C in the rooms, and the best view of the break from my bed.  I posted photos of the bay from the point and the view from my room and some of the pool. ENJOY!


California-Lineberry said...

Ahhhh...we have a brother?! That sounds amazingly wonderful. We are officially jealous. What a great description of the view. We imagine you are in heaven on earth. We love you Brother Bear. Sister and Moose.

Elise said...

I think it needs to be said jealous. Skyler is in agreement with me. I think you have inspired us to plan a trip back to Costa Rica! Have fun!