Jul 1, 2010


Tonights post is about Futsal. Last night I went to play indoor soccer at the church, and when I arrived no one had a ball with air in it. I had my futsal ball with me so I could work on some ball skills while I waited to play. For those of you who don't know Futsal is like soccer, same rules and all just a little different. It is a game to show off foot skills, speed and touch. It is played with a smaller heavier ball on a indoor smaller hard pitch. Unlike indoor you don't use the walls. So when I pulled it out it was funny to see people faces. I heard is that a kids balls, why is it so heavy, and it doesn't bounce very well does it. But it ended up be a perfect ball for the night. This was my first night playing in about a year. I am looking forward to playing soccer every Wednesday night to get me back in rhythm for the league I am joining with some coworkers from Billabong (look for more of that to come later). Below are some videos of Futsals best. I hope you like them and remember always play JOGA BONITO!

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