Jul 11, 2010

Today is a Big Day

Today is a day for the books. Three great things are going down today. All of them don't happen all that often and one of them has never happen and may never happen again.

World Cup Finals between Netherlands and Spain
Spain has never made it to the finals ever (fyi this is my team). Netherlands has never won and has not been to the finals since 1978. So needless to say its going to be an amazing game. Oh can't forget the octopus has chosen Spain to win.

Its Free SLURPEE Day! Every July 7th. I got mine last night at 2 am on my way home and will most likely go get another one later today.

Today we are having a total eclipse of the sun. You need to be out in the Pacific Ocean to see it. Easter Island is the best place to see it. The next one will not happen again until 2012.

So enjoy this day in history.

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