Jul 25, 2010

Weekend Updates

Well I guess you can say I am finally all moved in. Yes I have been in my new place for a few months but this weekend I finally hung my surf racks and moved all my boards from the garage floor to the racks. For most people this may seem like just cleaning the garage but for me it is a sign of settling in. I guess you could relate it to unpacking the last box from a move. So now my ladies are all set in their homes ready to be plucked at a moments notice to head to the beach.

Next was Roller Disco. My friend Kevin and I headed up to LA on saturday night to go to this roller disco birthday party. Something you may not now about me is that I love quad skating. It is such a good work out and you meet some real interesting people out on the rink. This place being so close to west hollywood had some REAL interesting people at it but it was still good fun. I would have to say the best part about this rink is the ramp that you get to skate down to get to the rink and then the rink is really nice hard wood. Next weekend they are having a Roller Jam with DJ battling and skate offs, just might have to attend.

And last we can not forget about:
Friday After Work Surf Session
Once again after work I headed down to the beach for some evening glass off and waves at San O. This make 3 weeks in a row I am starting to make new friends out in the line up and becoming a local. I just love summer in cali and more important surfing. I dont think I could ever move away from the ocean it is just to much apart of me.

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