Jul 11, 2010

Every Dog Has Its Day

Yesterday between soccer and weddings me and my friend headed over to the Los Alamitos Race Course to be a part of the 15th annual Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals.
aka The Wiener Dog races
If you have never been to a wiener dog race you need to go. For a number of reasons, one is just the fact that you get to see over 100 wiener dogs in one place. Also for all the sites, people love to dress up their wiener dogs so you will always see high doggie fashion on tap. Can't forget getting to hang out with America's Most Wanted Hot Dog "Hot Dog Man".
All in all it was fun looking forward to next year.


Elise said...

Skyler's old agency puts on the Wiener Nationals. We've been a couple of times. I wonder which of his former co-workers was in the hot dog suit.

Denise said...

Hay were did you get the poster picture of the guy in the dog suit and the dog racing. I would like to get a better copy of that picture because my dachshund was the one in the picture and my husband wants a poster of it.