Jun 24, 2010

We Do Some Crazy Stuff

Well today is the day of the release of the new iPhone 4.
After a week of waiting and a few days of playing with the new OS for it I can say its all mine. I am one of the lucky 600,000 people in the USA that got one of the pre-order phones. Now here is the where the fun starts. Me and my coworkers decided to pick Mission Viejo Mall for our pick location and it turned out to be a great choice for a number of reasons.

First the line didn't get as long. Well it didn't seem long until we left and saw how long it really was. We got in line at 4:30ish am this morning and were about 30 people back from the front of the line. (Side note person number 60 or 70 was Mr Warren G. himself the G-Funk child. Right before the opening of the store they moved him to number 1 must be nice). Once they opened the store it took about 20 mins to get into the store get my phone and send my first text.
(you ask to whom? I say, don't worry about it, you know if it was you).

Once I got back to the office me and the boys where walking around with Face Time running showing everyone how rad it was. So after doing almost nothing all day I have headed home and am now making her all gouch! It is truly the raddest phone on the earth even with out Verizon.
If you have one lets log some Face Time.
The line, Free Food and Drinks and the Payoff for waiting

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ashley said...

thats a heck of a lot of work for a dang phone :)