Sep 21, 2010

QUACK ATTACK and Then Some

Tonight was opening night for the Ducks and lets just say it didn't go so well.
The got beat and got beat bad. Not only did the lose but they got in two fights and they lost those also. So the game sucked.......BUT the seats didnt few rows the glass.
As if I would settle for less. This is only the first of many games this season. And I almost missed it cause I was sick all weekend and monday but thats what you get when you surf all day. This last weekend it didn't matter where you were the ocean was alive. The east coast got great waves from hurricane danielle. Fiji got giant waves from a giant storm off the coast of Tasmania. Hawaii got an early season session from this storm also. And then we got perfect 7ft plus surf here on the west coast. If you were not in the water this weekend you are not a surfer, and I only say this because this swell showed its self early in the week and was yelling look at me look how perfect I am going to be.

Other then that I got better just in time for this weeks activities. Ducks tonight, Angels tomorrow and Ratatat on friday. Check back for updates.

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California-Lineberry said...

So jealous of your Ducks did you score those? Please cheer loud for your sista who cannot be there :)