Sep 7, 2010

Holiday Surf Trip

So for the long weekend I decided not to hang around town but to try my hand at another
Solo Surf Mission.
This time I was off to the cold waters of Santa Barbara.
I started looking at the charts on wed. for the weekend and things were looking good. A solid 10 foot swell coming in from Alaska. So I left early midday Sunday after church and headed north on to 101 to PCH. I got some insider info on some places to look from a friend at work. After about 250 miles from home I turned down an unmarked road that took me through farms and ranches. It was really cool to see signs that said for good home cooking come to the Smith Family Farm. Real families opening there houses for travelers to get some food.
So from there the road turned into this curvy road though some hills that let out on a bluff that over looked the ocean it was beautiful.
From that point I had to find my way down to the beach.
Not a easy task.
I had to climb over some stuff
And cross some stuff
And hike through stuff.
but well worth it. I hung out the rest of the day and surfed then on my way home I stopped and surfed another place right off the highway called Little Rincon, it was head high and fun.
But that was not until after I stopped off at this little place that I saw on Drive In's, Dinners and Dines on the food network. It was very yummy.
I would have to say that this will be the first of many trips up north even more once winter gets here and the really big swells start to roll in. Let me know if you want to come. Hope everyone else had a great long weekend also.

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