Sep 26, 2010


Yeah as if that could happen to me. OK before I get into this let me start by saying I am blessed. I have had the most jam packed week ever I think. As you saw it started with glass seats at the Ducks game. Next was the field level seats at the Angels game. Then something happen that I had no clue of.
The next night I got free tickets to see MUSE and even better PASSION PIT. Was stoked to see Muse but more to see Passion Pit.With everything going to the beat they both killed it.
Then came Friday night and RATATAT!
Need I say more. The show was out in Pomona at the glass house and thats like a private show venue holding only 800 people.
The show was epic the finished off the set with an encore of Seventeen. Was a great show I had a great seat in the sound booth so needless to say didn't have to deal with the other 799 people.

Then comes Saturday and the MUSIC OVERLOAD.
Now I was going to go to oceanside to surf and do some jet skiing with my friends. But with staying out all night at the concerts I didnt wake up and it turned out to be good. One the surf was REALLY small. But my brother call and asked if I wanted to go to
Um did he have to asks twice not with me. He had two day VIP tickets and a hotel at the Hilton down the street. So Here I sit in the KROQ sweat waiting for Blink-182 to go on. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES just went on and next is RISE AGAINST. So I am going to cut this short more to come next post. Stay tuned....

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