Sep 28, 2010


Ok so I told you I would be back with more info. Sorry it took so long.
So sit back put your feet up it is going to be a long post.
I guess I can just run through the list of bands I saw first and then tell more about the ones I liked
Big Boi, Kinda Major, Papa Roach, The Knux, Bush, House of Pain, DMX, KISS and EMINEM
Sunday (after church):
Against Me, New Politics, Bad Religion, 30 Seconds To Mars, Suicidal Tendencies, Rise Against and Blink 182.

Ok now with that out lets get into the review. Im going to start with sunday since I already gave you a bit on the last post. I have seen all these bands before and since none of then really have a new album it was like the old days. Blink was still the same as when I saw then gee 12 years ago. Rise Against was cool and so was Bad Religion. But now Saturday that was amazing.

Saturday was HOT 113 degrees. But that didnt keep the fans away. Lucky for me I had VIP so it was shaded viewing areas and free drinks, lots of water for me. The day started out with some Big Boi, I love his new album I think because it is a true hip hop album that wont make it to the radio cause it really doesnt have any mainstream sound. After Big Boi I kinda just hung out in the VIP area until BUSH. Now this was funny I saw Bush back in 1995 and they played the same show then as they did now. But it was still cool kind of like a take you back in time feel.
After Bush came HOUSE OF PAIN.
Now as a long time fan of Hip Hop I was really excited to see them. The whole crew was there as well as a 3 person horn section. Making all the beats, they didnt use one prerecorded track. The crew came onto the stage with a B-boy rhythm and went right into a cover of Dr Dre's Next Episode. I was ready for this but I did get another in witch they had a shoot out to Guru from Gangstar who died this year check it out.

After House of Pain came EMINEM:
Holly Crap! is all I can really say. EM did more then kill it. He did all his old hits and all his new hits. Even did his part from Airplanes. Also had D12 come out and do a few song and you know they had to do MY BAND! This song was great live. Now I have been to a few other Hip Hop shows but EM really killed it he spit ever word live not recording here also. Had a live band and DJ pumping out the beats. Now you ask how do I know it was live. Well only because his mic would almost go out if he went to one side of the stage. EM finished the show with Not Afraid but did he the stage went black and people started to leave. But wait whats that from the dark came a stead beat that was getting louder. EM had one more in him and it was Lose Yourself the theme song from 8 Mile. People all over were losing their shit. It was amazing I might have to go to his tour.
After EM came KISS:
Yes the Knights In Satins Service them selfs. In full makeup and all the glory. I have seen KISS before back in '98. And this show was just as good now as it was then. With fire breathing, Kiss of death and all the piro and fireworks. They finished the whole day off with the best song they could I Wanta Rock and Roll All Night and Party Everyday.

Sooooooo I guess you can say I lucked out and had a great weekend filled with a

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