Jun 9, 2010

Paramount Studios

Today I went to work at Paramount Studios. No No I didnt get a new job. Billabong is having this years Design for Humanity on Paramount Studios backlot. So today I went down to help set up. It was cool to be working on a backlot again. Again you say, yes again. When I was a kid I use to do some extra work with my best friend Aaron on movies. But thats another story. So anyways I was to meet another coworker at 6:30 am to get a jump start before the rest of the crew got in at 11. Well he hit traffic so I had a good hour to wonder around the backlot before he arrived, and because of that I can now say that I have stood in the same window that Kramer dropped the oil bladder from in the T.V. show Seinfeld. I know you want to know if I saw any movie stars and the answer is yes. I ran into Megan Fox and after talking with her for about 20 mins she asked if I wanted to do a love scene with her. Ok ok so that didnt happen but I did see a guy who is a pro body builder his arms were bigger than my head. So anyways back to the story. I got to just walk around and check things out. It was super fun and I cant wait for the event tomorrow. Here are some photos.

Below are two videos for the event the first is just a Trailer to get you amped about the event. The second is about the charity that the event is for. Last year it was about getting fresh water to everyone in the world. This year its about saving kids in Africa that are being taken from their homes and being made to fight a war. Here is the link to donate Invisible Children.


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ashley said...

looks cool! wish i could have gone. booo on work!