May 4, 2010

Get Some

Well its the end of Tuesday and so far it has been an amazing trip. Sorry I have not been posting photos the internet here really sucks. The last photos took 40 mins to upload. But once I get back I will post like crazy. Today was a great day surfed and helped with a photo shot for Transworld. Yep working on my vacation but it wasn't really work it was more fun to just be a part of it. I got lucky and get to stay with the pros and the photographers. It fun to sit up at night looking at the photos from the day talking shop. Hilton has invited me to go on this trip with him. Where they kayak down the coast with whales that are migrating and surf, camp and just raise awareness. It sounds amazing and I hope I can find time to take advantage of it. Well tomorrow I am going to take a day off from surfing and going to go for a swim with Brian Bielman and Hilton and try my hand at surf photography, wish me luck.


Elise said...

Wow....super jealous! Thanks for posting. It's nice to read about someone having fun while I'm stuck at boring work. Enjoy and take lots of pictures.

California-Lineberry said...

That is SO awesome, Little Bro!!! You are so talented and I am so happy that finally everyone will get to see it. Glad that you are having a great trip and we look forward to the pics. Stephen is enjoying driving your car...he is curious how long the $50 will last that he put in the gas tank :) So are you moving when you get back? Text me so we can plan to be available to help! Love ya!