May 2, 2010

Day One Update From under the Mosquitoes Net

Hello from Kandui,
Day one on the island is amazing. But first let me tell you about the trip from Singapore. Getting to Jakarta to Padang to the island was a trip in its own. The flight from Singapore to Jakarta was cool way more packed then the other flights, but to say the least it was amazing. This was the first flight where we went over the equator (photo of clouds is the equator). Flying in over the rice patties and not a concrete jungle is just amazing. After landing we had to find our way to the the other side of the airport with over 60 surfboards to find our connecting flight to Padang.

The flight to Padang was fast and fun. From here we we had a bus ride through the city to a little hotel where we had to wait for our speed boat to be ready to take us out to the island. Well you know me I couldnt just sit in a hotel for an hour so I went for a walk and out on the beach I found a group of people pulling in a giant fishing net. I have seen this before in endless sumer. But to see it first hand is crazy.

Back at the hotel we got back on the bus and head to the docks where we got on the speed boats and headed down river to the ocean. Only to find that a storm was coming and we had two choices brave it and most likely get our asses kicked or head for this other island for the night. We opted for the island and it turned out to just be another great part in the trip.

The next morning we woke to beautiful skies and headed off to Kandui. The boat ride took 3 hours and 10 mins. After all this we made it to KANDUI. The place is like a screen saver. It is beautiful and HOT. I went for a swim in the Indian ocean to wash off all the travel. The water is so blue and clear. Tomorrow I head out for my first surf over live reef. Its going to be crazy. The surf is about one foot over head and perfect. Well until tomorrow.

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ashley said...

looks like fun! im jealoussssssssssss!!