Dec 31, 2011

Years End

Well its New Years Eve and I got so much to show for it.
This year has been filled with so much fun I can't even tell you how great my life is. I have made new friends, traveled to new location all over the planet and just grew as a person.
BUT now is the time to look to the future and what it holds.
So here is a look into my future or what I hope it will be. I guess the best place to start is my New Years Resolution. Last year was to surf 150 day in the year. I am happy to say I did complete this goal. And just like last years goal this years is about surfing also. My resolution this year is to Surf 20 new locations that I have never surfed before.
I have two already planed, in a few weeks I am heading to Puerto Rico to visit my friend who lives there. I also have already booked my next big surf trip to Mainland Mexico in September for 10 days. I also have a lot of places in LA and Santa Barbara that I have not surfed so this should be an easy one to complete. So I have also decided to try to do the most popular resolution out there. Yep you guessed it weight loss. I want to try to get back down to 150-160 lbs. This means I need to lose about 15-20 lbs. Doesn't sound to hard right, Well you talking to the fast food king of Orange County and the Candyman of Billabong. And on top of that they always say the last 10 lbs. are the hardest to lose.
So moving on here is a little update in my life. This is a little of what I have been up to the last few weeks and what I am going to get into next year.
Next year I am getting more into becoming more of a watermen.
So I am go to be taking up
Body Surfing
And a new thing called Dolphin Surfing. It is just like body surfing but you ride under the water behind the wave. I can already body surf pretty good so I am hopping to pick up and get better at both of them really easy. Next I am going to try my hand at skim boarding.
I was luck to get this beauty for Christmas and can't wait to give it a try.
That about does it for new things for next year.

So here is what I have been up to.
*Hanging out with my good friend Bay at here house.
This is us at her families Christmas Eve Party.
This is me sledding in her backyard in CDM.
They have snow made for the whole neighborhood to come and have a
White Christmas.

Went shooting with some of my friends from work. We shot rifles, hand guns and shotguns all day from like 10 to 5 it was a great day out and we had tones of fun.

Got myself a Universal Studios pass. Don't know how much I will use it seeing I did almost everything the day we got the pass but who knows it could be fun to just go back and hang out.

Went and looked at Christmas lights in Balboa it was fun had a good time (some people have way to much time on there hands) this house had a soap blower on the roof to make it look like it was snowing and the lights blinked in sync with the much that was playing.

And last of course was play with my camera. I have been having so much fun taking photos with it. Be it shooting around Disneyland or of my friends jumping on the tramp. I love my camera best gift I could have got myself.

Well I hope you are having as much fun as I am these last few days of 2011. And I look forward to seeing all you next year. The last year we will be here Dec. 2012 (haha if you believe in that crap)


Jenks Ohana said...

Glad you had a great year Troy!! You are a good man and I hope this new year will bring good things and people to you! Take care man and don't forget about us little guys:) Going to Hawaii in Feb and then in June for a baby luau for La'akea. You are welcomed to come if you don't already have plans to be surfing somewhere else!

Watts said...

Finally jumped on your blog again. Looks like 2011 was a blast! Hope that you have a great year this year! Gotta come out to Utah again for some more fun.

Jenks Ohana said...

What's up Troy. Haven't heard or seen you for a while. Hope all is well. Take care.