Dec 11, 2011

Christmas Present Updates

So I told you all about my Christmas presents to myself. And now is the time to share them with you. Here is the first things I did with my camera.

Went to Disneyland with some friends:

Was hired as the photographer for a fashion show:
(photos got published in the local newspaper)

Went street skating:
(self photo thanks to timer and tripod)

Took an almost great photo of my bros dog:

Well that was my camera next I guess would be my phone. To start off I guess I should tell you that I have yet to use SIRI. One of the main new things on the phone. And now that I have a good camera I haven't been using my iPhone as my camera that much. But I did watch a webcast of the Billabong Pipe Masters on my phone from the beach. Here are some screen shots from the event of my art work that I do every year.

And last is my new surfboard. She is a beauty. I rode her yesterday for the first time. I normally don't ride my boards for at least a week once I get them to let the glass harden. But it turns out my phone wasn't working I guess and it had been sitting in the shop for a week waiting for me. I am currently working on the art that I am going to paint on it. More on that to come.

My new T-Pat 5'11" 18" diamond tail

Hope you enjoyed the photos. More to come you can count on it.

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suzieq said...

Love the pictures of Disneyland. Send me a copy of newspaper if you have it.