Dec 2, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Tis the season for giving and who deserves to get something more then...
I say this because I have been good all year. I have been nice to everyone I know even people I don't care for too much. And I have not seen any pay back for it. Now before you go and say
"Now Troy that's not what giving is about"
Let me stop you. I know this better then any one. As a matter of fact I would like to share a little story with you about something that happen to me.

It was a beautiful day out the weathers warm, the birds are singing and I'm hanging with some cool people at the happiest place in the world Disneyland. One in particular more then others. His name is Matix,
now Matix is only three but that doesn't stop him from being one of the coolest kids I know. He is polite, he gets along with everyone and always has a smile on. So me and Matix are at Disneyland having a good time and out of no where he says to me. "Hey why are you so nice?" I am quick to reply with "what do you mean?" He ask again "why are you so nice?" This time I tell him "Because that is how you should be, you should be nice to everyone." He tells me "NOOOOO". My reply to that was "YESSS and don't let anyone tell you different." He says to me "Oh Ok if you say so". Smart kid but I don't know who is telling not to be nice???

Anyways, I went on for the rest of the day being nice and having a great time with Matix and the rest of my friends. But this question kept popping into my mind.
I have people tell me before that I am too nice but no one ever ask me why?
Well this bring me back to the start of this post. Since I am so nice I have decided to give myself some treats this Christmas. I always give myself one gift every year mainly because I don't want anyone spending there money on me. But this year I gave myself three big gifts.

The first is still on the way. I treated myself to a new Timmy Patterson Surfboard
I have not had a new board in over a year so it was time for one.

The second was a new SLR Canon Camera.
I have been getting more and more into my photography and I decided it was time to up grade and maybe try to make some money off it. I got the new T3i Rebel. I have already been booked to shot my friends Christmas Family Photos and I might be the surf photographer for the Billabong Surf with a Pro trip to mainland Mexico in September.

And last but not least. I got the new iPhone 4S
Some might ask why? Well why not I sold my old iPhone 4 online for $290 and the new one only cost $350 so I say to you why not. Why would I not have the newest $350 iPhone for only $60.

So my last question is have you been nice all year is Santa going to be good to you this year?

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ashley said...

that is the cutest, cheesiest smile ever! aweee. thanks for being so nice to my matix baby.