Apr 6, 2011

Side Work At Work For Work

Over the last few days I have been doing a little side work. Now this may sound funny but it is really simple. Last year we did a co-op boardshort with METALLICA. Then Metallica went on a surf trip with with one of our photographers that we have on staff. Then it comes to me, the photos are back and the band would like them printed out for their houses. So first thing was to figure out the sizes the band would want. Well only one way to do that meet the band and go over what I have laid out for them. After its all said and done I have a total of 21 canvas and 10 framed prints to size up and get made. Now here comes the fun, the frame prints are fast and I send them out for framing. Now the canvas not that easy, its going to cost a little too much to send out so guess who gets to wrap the 21 canvas. You guessed it me! After talking to a few people it was agreed that in return I would get a signed print from the band and tickets to there next show witch is this month and tickets are going for around $100 a pop. So that is where I get the side work at work from.

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