Apr 9, 2011

East Coast Living

This morning I woke up saw that the wind had died and it looked like it was going to be a nice day. So I call the local surf report. The first thing the report said was we have some snow on the beach...yes snow. Do I live on the east coast, I hung up called again, same thing. I had to see this for myself. So I quick put a few boards in my car grabbed my wettie and hurried down to the beach. Not just for the snow but because the report also said it was smooth and 4 to 5 ft with 6 foot sets. Well sure enough there was what looked like snow on the ground and the beach. But it turned out to just be a lot of hail. I guess Newport had a hugh hail storm last night. This was even more crazy because I live like 2 blocks from Newport and we didnt even get a drop of rain. So any ways here is what it looked like.
Almost dry a block from my house
Not the same story in Newport
Very wet and snow/hail piles every where

Some guy asked me to pose for a photo with my surfboard in a pile of hail. He then told me he worked for the daily pilot and was going to use them for his artical if I didnt mind. Told him no worries and head off to a pretty good surf. Even found myself two little barrels. Even with the 54 degree water it turned out to a good day.

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