Jan 11, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

So I told my friend the other day that my New Years Resolution this year was not to give up soda or eat better or go to the gym. But instead it was to SURF more! I want to get 150 days in this year. That means that I have to surf about 3 times a week or go on a 2 week surf trip then I have to only surf 2 days a week. Now here is the funny part everyone I tells this to laughs at me and says thats not a resolution. But I say to them you try to do it. like today the water is 53 degrees and the surf is only 1 foot that means you cant surf. And its going to be like that all week so now I have to surf more later this year. But here is the funny part of this post. Today on surfline was this post.
So I ask you is my resolution real or not.
By the way I already have 4 days in this year. Only a 146 more to go.

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Elise said...

I think that's a great resolution. Better than "go to the gym more" because most people hate going to the gym.