Jan 13, 2011

It's A Sledgehammer

So last night I wet out and got myself a little treat.
Say hello to Van-GO
Yep it's now my time to join great bike riders like Albert Einstein.

And David Beckham
(by the way this bike is the same one I have just a different color)

And Kevin Bacon

I am going to start riding to work 3 days a week or try to I should say. I just went for a 10 mile ride tonight. Um yeah it kicked my ass. I should maybe start out lighter. But oh well too late now. It is a 9 mile ride to work mostly flat but a few hills. Last time I rode this much it was when I was in Boy Scouts, I did a 100 mile ride. Not sure if I will go that far again but who knows.


Elise said...

You know how I feel about bikes...congrats! I really like the colored wheels. I'm jealous that you can ride your bike to work. You'll be riding centuries in no time!

ashley said...

david beckham is hot.

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