Jan 7, 2011

Just Follow Your Nose

Back in the day you use to have to hope for surf, but now with charts and forecasting you know of a good swell coming days in advance. So all you have to do is pick the best place its going to hit. So on Monday I got wind of this new big swell coming in today.
So I took a vacation day today and did a little swell hunting. I knew it was going to hit in San Diego best so I headed down at 5 am to look around. But something in the back of my mind kept telling me go to Wind "N" Sea.
Now I have not been to Wind "N" Sea for almost 10 years. But I followed my nose and it took me to perfect 7 foot surf. Wind "N" Sea is a reef break that is super fast and doesn't break that much. I almost forgot where it was but with cross streets like this it's kind of hard to.
I surfed for about 3 hours then the tide came up and it got really fat.
So I called it a day and took some photos. ENJOY

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