Aug 24, 2010

South for the Weekend

Last weekend me and some of my boys went south for a long weekend to surf Cabo. We got Great waves 8 to 10ft all weekend and lots for good food! It was the perfect end of summer recharge I needed. But rather then tell you about I am just going to show you. I took over 150 photos but here are some of the best.
My Ride
Sea of Cortez & 1000's of miles of desert
The H3 that got us to the great surf
Cross roads
The House
Outside inside Cold Whirl Pool
The Inside part if you want to go outside
just swim under the wall
Natural Air Freshers all over the house
Cactus and Moon
More flowers
Getting Artsy
La Vaca
9 Palms no one out
Break from the sun
Taking a dip
Day 3
Dancing and Drinks
Fully Recharged

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