Aug 10, 2010

Music, Movie, Concerts and Sufing

I dont know if you could push more into one weekend then I did this weekend. It was filled with so much stuff I almost lost my mind running around. I also cant believe I did it all solo. But the best part is I can thank most, if not all of it to my great job.

Ok now to the weekend. Well the weekend really started on Wedseday. With the World Premier of Transworlds newest movie HIGH-5. Even though it all ready premiered at my desk a week ago thanks to an undisclosed person. This movie is a great flick to the amazing surfing in it to the funny add ins. Go check it out for sure.

From there it was over to the Private After Party at RA on the stands.
With Dancing, Drinks and Good Friends!

Thursday, was once again filled with more Private Parties this time it was at the Black Bull. For a Billabong Party with a jam session by Donovan Frankenreiter and surprise guest Rob Machado. It was good to see Donny again. If you don't remember I spent over a week with Donny in Indo. After Donny it was to the back of the house for more dancing.

But thats not all...durning the day me and my friend Jomar went over to the Orange County Great Park to check out the Great Ballon. The Great Ballon is a big orange ballon that take you over 400 ft in the air to check out all of Orange County. It was sweet but we need to go back after it rains so you can see all the way to the ocean.

Friday was more of a chill day. Got off work early went for a surf. Then went to dinner and a movie with my friend Jen. FYI save our money on SALT

Last Saturday:
Ok this was the biggest day of all well maybe not really. It was for sure a day of upsets. The only thing that was not an upset was going down to Oceanside to surf. It was about a foot over head (for you non surfers it was 6 to 7 feet tall) It wasn't crowded at all I got a good 4 hours in before I called it a day at 9am. After that I came home got cleaned up and got on my moped and headed down to the US Open of Surfing to watch some surfing and then what a hoped to be a good show by Weezer and Hot Hot Heat. But like I said before "UPSETS". Hot Hot Heat did an ok set but then came Weezer. Most of the time when I see a band live I end up liking them more. But in this case I lost all respect for them when they covered Poker Face. What the crap Weezer Really!!! first you sell out by going over to the dark side of Hurley but then this. Well at least I had great seat for both the surfing and the concert. It pays to be friends with the right people. Who can get you into the VIP area for surfing and then side stage for the concert.

All in all it was a jam pack fun weekend and I ran solo for most of it to bad :( And next weekend is ASR in San Diego...crap round two already...oh well
I never said it would be easy just worth it.

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Elise said...

Those pics at the Great Park are pretty cool. I've been wanting to ride in the giant Orange. Was it free? I thought I heard it was.